Random installation, Text & Pictures by Romaric Tisserand - 2016 Diceviewer


Wild Night Jungle Fire

Since I left the island a decade ago, lot of things happened which were unbelievable for us at this time. I remember when I first arrived to work in La Habana, I had to wait about a year and a half for a letter from the Minister of Communication himself to grant me a personal and controlled access to the internet. The connection had to be paid in a US dollar with double zeros amount and was extremely slow. This was one of the many ways for the country to get currencies from foreign residents. But as many people a week after my arrival I had already fixed a magic connection next to the airport.

The context was stronger than the concept.

Recently, very few WiFi spots have been opened downtown La Habana in some public parks creating a new demand and new encounters in typical tropical manner - suddenly facing an entire new world as if were glowing candles in the night - A portrait of the cuban contemporary post-Fidel Castro society about to come.

When street were empty, nowadays dozens and sometimes hundreds of people are standing around an electric pole or in front of an anonymous building. Young girls, boys or elders are vigorously chatting on Messenger, scrolling Facebook for gossips, chasing foreigner lovers or feeding them with news from the world. Standing like pagan prayers around totems it is almost impossible to make any intimate call. People are sending very loud WhatsApp calls or doing theatrical performances front of the camera phone.

I saw older people crying front of a frozen picture from a brother, a daughter, a son or even a mother who left the country years or decades ago. It kept me with a very strange feeling.

I witnessed something I was not prepared for: the (re)birth of the Internet. The same very religious experience I had twenty years ago and seeing now from people absorbed by screens.

As I saw these very moments of surprise and joy from people using Internet for the first time, I was envying this primal, original enthusiasm and astonishment moment. Even if I knew the loneliness to come. Such beauty and sadness at the same time was something precious. I wish I could have back to those same feelings.

Nevertheless, connecting to the Internet in Cuba turned to be a unexpected experience in another more peculiar way. As everything in Cuba, nothing happens easily. First, you have to find a WiFi spot in the city. No billboard, no ad.

Search and Connect.

You look after groups of people on a corner of the street, wondering if they are waiting for buses or queuing for some street market. When you found it, your next step is to find the bicycle man. The bicycle man is the only guy selling Internet cards and ready to flee the police within a snap of fingers. Then your smartphone becomes a Geiger's radioactivy meter as you’re sliding among people to get the closest as possible to this invisible device and find your place in this noisy agora.

I found myself exhausted through this very organic process but as the same time so much alive. I wasn’t caring anymore about my online mirror life. What was standing in front of me was already ten thousand times more interesting.

I was back to life.


© By Romaric Tisserand

music by Max Richter

Organum (extended version)


Diceviewer is a random photographic display created by the artist to generate endless stories from a two-images combination rolling like a pair of dice. Designed for screens or interactive devices, the random script is guiding us in a visual narrative essay always upgrading as a perpetual story with no end.

The soundtrack, the numbers of images and the speed of the transitions allow to organise large archive projects, online artwork exhibition, documenting performance or patching together different contents to create new narrations. Time, space and matter.

Using the double page vision issued from a book, Diceviewer is extending new ways to see and undestand the world : from every angles at the same time as Cubist painting perception it allows to work with immense content and let them work together in order to create a new look. Diceviewer is offering a critical thinking about the traditional linear lecture in the new digital age without competing the idea of a book, of an exhibition or a project but challenging it.

Random photographic display, text & pictures by Romaric Tisserand - 2016 Diceviewer™

The 35 places where you can spot WIFI_ETECSA service (Nov 2016)

LA HABANA: La Rampa (Malecón hasta el cine Yara), Parque de 51 en La Lisa, Parque Fe del Valle (Galeano y San Rafael), Parque 14 y 15 vedado, Anfiteatro de Marianao, Paseo de la Villa Panamericana, Pabellones Central y 14 EXPOCUBA, Parque Mónaco 10 de Octubre y Parque Coyula ( Calle 30 y 19, Playa ); Parques Línea y L, Vedado y José Martí, Santiago de Las Vegas

PINAR DEL RÍO: Parque Independencia, Parque Roberto Amarán

VIÑALES: Parque Antonio Maceo, Consolación del Sur

ARTEMISA: Boulevard,Parque de la Iglesia,Parque San Antonio

MAYABEQUE: Parque de Güines, Boulevard de San José, Parque de Madruga

MATANZAS: Parque La Libertad,Parque Peñas Altas, Parque José Antonio Echeverría, Cárdenas,Complejo Todo en Uno, Varadero

VILLA CLARA: Parques Leoncio Vidal, Parque Remedio, Parque de los Framboyanes y Áreas del Sandino

CIENFUEGOS: Parque Martí,Rápido Punta Gorda,Parque Villuendas

SPIRITUS: Parque Céspedes de Trinidad,Parque Serafín Sánchez,Plaza Cultural Yayabo

CIEGO DE ÁVILA: Parque Martí,Parque Morón,Parque Máximo Gómez

CAMAGÜEY: Parque Agramonte, Plaza del Gallo, Plaza de los Trabajadores

LAS TUNAS: Plaza Martiana,Tanque de Buena Vista,Parque Antonio Maceo

HOLGUÍN: Parque Calixto García,Parque Julio Grave de Peralta,Parque infantil Rubén Bravo.

GRANMA: Bulevar Bayamo,Bulevar Manzanillo,Parque Calixto García, Guisa.

SANTIAGO DE CUBA: Parques Céspedes,Parque Ferreiro,Plaza de Marte,Alameda

GUANTÁNAMO: Parque Martí,Avenida Camilo Cienfuegos, desde Calixto García hasta Luz Caballero,Parque central Baracoa

ISLA DE LA JUVENTUD: Boulevard Nueva Gerona.



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